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Would you like to learn about the basics of the Ascended Master's Teachings and become active in applying the Law together with other “I AM Students?


We invite you to our Introduction Webinar to get to know this wonderful Teaching. Afterwards you can take part in our weekly Mini-Classes and start your Application together with "I AM" Students all over the world. 

Participate in our Introduction Webinar to learn the basics + Q&A

In this Webinar you will all the basics about the Teachings of the Ascended Masters. How to get in contact with your Mighty "I AM" Presence and how to work on dissolving all distress and wrong feelings with the Violet Consuming Flame. After the Webinar you will be able to ask Questions in our 30 Minute Q&A Session. 

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Basics Webinar
18 dic 2021 11:00

Participate in our weekly Mini-Classes

After participating in our Introduction webinar, we welcome you to join us in our weekly Mini-Application classes for beginners via Zoom. Doing application together helps to amplify the energy and to get used to a routine. You will slowly learn and get used to working with the Sacred Fire that the Ascended Masters have given us until you feel comfortable to apply the Tools by yourself on a daily basis. At some point you will not want to miss these Great Gifts! 

After participated in the Application Webinar, we will send you an Invitation to the Mini-Classes via e-mail. When you sign up, you will receive a weekly mail with the Login-information 30 Minutes before the Class starts.

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