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Intensify your Inner 
Light with our 
Online Study Program


Study on your own or get support with our monthly Webinars and weekly „I AM“ Mini Classes and apply the Law together with other „I AM“ Students.

Free E-Books

and Reading-Guides 

"I AM"
in Action  

Deep-Dive Instruction


So much new to learn. 
But where do I start?  

You want fully dive in this Ascended Master Instruction but have no idea where to start?

You are ready to read and study but don’t know how to actually apply this Laws given?

You have already studied parts of this Instruction but don’t know what your next step could be?


An “I AM“ Student …

… strives to purify the world and dedicates himself to serve the Ascended Masters and the Light to raise the earth into the Crystal Golden Age.
His goal is his Freedom from all lack and limitation in his personal life, Illumination in the mind,
Health, Strength, and Order in the body,
Peace, Harmony, and Success in his affairs,
and to raise his body into the Ascension at the end of this embodiment.
He learns to rely on his “Mighty I AM Presence” for inner advice and guidance.
With the use of the Violet Consuming Flame he purifies his thoughts, feelings and world and consumes old habits and thought patterns and may so create his own Paradise within a short period of time.

Step by Step Plan

Follow our Step by Step Plan to get access to more Webinars and Material

Free E-Books

Study all three free E-Books with our Reading-Guide Program

 Monthly Live Webinars

Our monthly live Webinars will  deepen your Knowledge about the Basics of this Instruction

"I AM" in Action  Webinars 

Go into Action and apply the Law together with us in our weekly „I AM“ Mini-Classes

Our Next Live Starter-Webinar
is Happening Soon!

January 14th from 4pm - 5pm CET

*All times listed in Central European Time

The „I AM“ Presence 

Your Own God Self

The Ascended Masters 

The Divine Beings who guide and help us

The „I AM“

The most Creative Word in the universe and how to use It

The Violet Consuming Flame

The only means by which you can purify your mind and body

How to give Decrees

The strong form of a prayer that creates your destiny

Your possible next steps 

How to become an "I AM" Student

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Each Webinar and „I AM“-Mini-Class will give you a deeper Knowledge about this Miracle Instruction  

Get a first feel of this Ascended Master Instruction with our Starter-Webinar 

Get immediate access to the free E-Book „Unveiled Mysteries“ with a Vocabular-Work-Sheet that will help you with the English Language

Join our Deep Dive Instruction Sessions to gain more knowledge about the Ascended Master Instruction

Participate in our weekly Online Mini-Classes where we apply the Law of Life together

Let us show you step by step how to proceed on your Journey to become an „I AM“ Student. 

Start your own Journey today with our Online Study Program

Study on your own or get support with our monthly Webinars and weekly 
„I AM“ Mini Classes and apply the Law together with other „I AM“ Students.

Vielen Dank!

Your personal Journey
into the Light

Please be aware, that each student’s path is unique and there is no time pressure in any way. 

You might take your steps within a few months or several years. This is YOUR personal journey into the Light and therefore your own individual decision and pathway. We are all life-time „Students“ and no one is holier than the other. Everyone walks this path in his or her own pace and our own God-Self the “Mighty I AM Presence” is our only teacher.