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Build a deep connection with your own God-Self, the „Mighty I AM Presence!“ Fulfill your own Divine Plan and help raise the earth into the Crystal Golden Age.


We present to you the original “I AM” Teaching, the Ascended Masters Instruction, with no human changes ever made to it.

Over 3500 Dictations on the Laws of Life were given by the Ascended Masters through Godfré and Lotus Ray King. These Instructions include detailed and practical Application of the purifying Sacred Fire for a steady progress towards your Ascension.


What does it mean to be an “I AM“ Student?”


An „I AM“ Student is a person who studies the Laws of Life given by the Ascended Masters and tries to apply them in his daily life as much as possible.

An „I AM“ Student regularly participates in or leads Group Meetings known as „I AM“ Meetings. When participating in these Meetings, he may reach his goal in the fastest way possible.


An “I AM“ Student …

… strives to purify the world and dedicates himself to serve the Ascended Masters and the Light to raise the earth into the Crystal Golden Age.
His goal is his Freedom from all lack and limitation in his personal life, Illumination in the mind,
Health, Strength, and Order in the body,
Peace, Harmony, and Success in his affairs,
and to raise his body into the Ascension at the end of this embodiment.
He learns to rely on his “Mighty I AM Presence” for inner advice and guidance.
With the use of the Violet Consuming Flame he purifies his thoughts, feelings and world and consumes old habits and thought patterns and may so create his own Paradise within a short period of time.


This “I AM” Activity will always be free of charge.

BELOVED SAINT GERMAIN, Volume III, Discourse No. XXI I wish every student of This Radiation to fix firmly in his mind, that concerning these Instructions there may at no time be a charge ever made for Them. The student is always free to make Love-gifts as his heart directs, but to make a definite charge – under the Law by which these Instructions are given – would close the door immediately. ARTICLE, VOICE OF THE „I AM“,March 1936 … Saint Germain said in the very beginning, that this teaching must never be commercialized for private profit, and we do not, never have and never shall consent to anyone ever making a charge for it or using the students under this radiation for any commercial scheme.

There are no human masters in the “I AM” Activity! Our Master is our own God Self!

BELOVED GODDESS OF JUSTICE, Voice of the „I AM“, August 1986 Anything anywhere in Life that gets you to depend on some human being or something outside of your „I AM Presence“ is not your friend and never will be. THE HISTORY OF THE „I AM“ ACTIVITY AND SAINT GERMAIN FOUNDATION, Foreword The „I AM“ Activity is not a cult and never was. Mr. and Mrs. Ballard turned aside personal adulation, for it was a contradiction of the Teaching. They insisted everyone give credit for all Success to their own indwelling „God Presence,“ the „Mighty I AM.“ BELOVED MESSENGER NO. ONE, Voice of the „I AM“, July 1990 How are you going to be free if you are going to lean on something in this World? My Dear Ones, just as sure as you lean on a human being and human channels, or a human appearance in this world, feeling that your security is there, must you be disappointed, because those outer channels of assistance have got to be pushed aside if you don‘t put your „Presence“ first. They must fail you in order to drive you back to your „Presence“ where you get your Eternal Freedom. There is no Eternal Freedom leaning on people of this World, nor the physical conditions or the appearance world. You must sometime, somewhere, stand absolutely alone with your „Presence,“ grateful and satisfied to just give yourself unconditionally into the care of your „Presence,“ that It may give you the Fullness of Itself; and It cannot do That as long as you divide your feeling of security with some channel of the outer world. It cannot be. ... Therefore, if you lean on human beings, if you lean on physical things and conditions in this World, one day they must fail you, until there is nothing left for you to lean on except your „Beloved I AM Presence!“


The steps of how to become an “I AM” Student have been given by the Ascended Masters through the Messengers Godfré and Lotus Ray King.

Learn the Basics in our Introduction Webinar and join our weekly "I AM" Mini-Classes.




Read the first 3 Volumes of the Saint Germain Series


Have a personal conversation with a sponsor


Participate in the “Fundamental Lessons”



Learn the Basics in our free Webinar and join our "I AM" Mini-Classes

Additionally to your personal studies of Volume 1-3 we invite you to our Basics Webinar. Afterwards you can participate in our weekly Mini-Classes and learn how to apply the Laws of Life.

This step is not mandatory in order to reach the next step in your Journey. It's simply for the joy of applying the Law together :)


Read the first 3 Volumes of
the Saint Germain Series

Find yourself entering a new world

Those who read and study this series of books that I have brought forth, which gives the complete Law, find themselves entering into a new world – a world first of great peace and harmony; then they find the Answer to their Calls coming forth and the great supreme Courage rising from within them.


The purpose of putting this book into the hands of the public is to convey to the individual the encourageemnt and stregnth that will ift and sustain him through the trasnitional preiod we are now in; and reveal something of the sane and sound foundation upon which the future of our Countray and the coming ag is, this hour, being built. 

A way to make contact with the "Light," Its All-Knowing Omnipresence, and Unerring Activity was revealed to me, and I give I to the reader in these pages

Beloved Godfre, Unveiled Myteries FOREWORD

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Volume 1:
Unveiled Mysteries
Gruppe 11.png
Volume 2:
The Magic Presence
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Volume 3:
The "I AM" Discourses

Where to get the Books


  • Saint Germain Press directly
    At the Saint Germain Press all books are available as hardcover, PDF for your e-reader or audiobook if you prefer. Shipping of the hardcover books can take a little longer.
  • Amazon
    Shipping is faster on Amazon. Make sure you purchase the original Book from the Saint Germain Press.
    Click here for the original Book

  • Your local bookstore
    Your local bookstore should be able to order the Books for you.




Have a personal conversation
with a sponsor

A sponsor is an „I AM“ Student who is in charge of an „I AM“ Sanctuary or an „I AM“ Temple with years of experience and responsible for the group activities.


After you have finished the first three Volumes of the Saint Germain Series, we would like to invite you for a private call with one of our sponsors to answer any questions you may have, talk to you further about the Teachings, and how to get started with the "Fundamental Lessons".


Send an e-mail with your name and location (town, country). to contact@saintgermainfoundation.ch to request an appointment.

Students from the Americas, please contact inquiry@saintgermainfoundation.org.

We are happy to hear from you!



Participate in the
„Fundamental Lessons“

The Fundamental Lessons contain all basic Instruction about the Laws of Life. Every „I AM“ Student reads and studies these Fundamental Lessons every year.

BELOVED SAINT GERMAIN, Voice of the „I AM“, July 1943

Until mankind have set themselves free they need to hear the repetition of these Laws. Until they have made themselves master of the fundamentals, they need to hear it, until that has given them the Self-control and Mastery in which they no longer need it; and when they do not longer need it, the other information will be given, you may be sure of that.

The ”Fundamental Lessons” are offered in our “I AM” Study Groups,

“I AM” Sanctuaries or “I AM” Temples as well as online-webinars for study in your private home.

The sponsor will be happy to give you further instruction on how to participate in the Fundamental Lessons in your private call with him or her.


Your personal Journey
into the Light

Please be aware, that each student’s path is unique and there is no time pressure in any way.

You might take your steps within a few months or several years. This is YOUR personal journey into the Light and therefore your own individual decision and pathway. We are all life-time „Students“ and no one is holier than the other. Everyone walks this path in his or her own pace and our own God-Self the “Mighty I AM Presence” is our only teacher.