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Nothing is impossible. 
The Light never fails!

“The time the average person spends in criticizing, condemning, and blaming people, conditions, and things for not being something other than they are, if occupied with this recognition and use of the Light, will make Heaven manifest on earth for the individual who dares to try and has determination enough to maintain it. Nothing is impossible. The Light never fails!“
- Beloved Saint Germain


Master of your


Utilize the

creative Powers

of God


purifying Life's


Everyone has the same Supreme Privilege of contact with the All-Powerful Presence of God!
- Beloved Saint Germain


We are the Saint Germain Foundation Europe

We preserve the original Transcripts the Ascended Masters dictated over a visible Sound and Light Ray

Our mission is to provide this Ascended Master Instruction to everyone who is ready for this Light.

We neither changed one word of the Dictations nor translated them. The Instructions are in their original form.

We are a non profit organization. The whole Instruction is a free gift of Love from the Ascended Masters to anyone. 

We represent this original Teaching, as first offered to the Western World by the Ascended Master Saint Germain. 

When earnestly studying these 
Instructions you will learn how to:

Gain Freedom through fully relying on your Inner God Self - the „Mighty I AM Presence“

Dissolve negative habits and negative accumulations from past embodiments

Become independent from other human beings or human Gurus

Make a real impact on raising the earth through Decreeing 

Handle and master personal situations and feelings and create your own paradise

Make effort towards your Ascension to break the wheel of birth and rebirth

3 steps into
your Journey
to Freedom


Study the Words from the Ascended Masters and apply Their Instruction regularly. 


Find your life become more perfect, beautiful, strong, and God-inspired. 

There is no greater Instruction ever to come on this Earth

The Ascended Master who gave this Instructions are Powerful Cosmic Beings who never make a mistake.

The Ascended Masters have gained their Freedom by the same identical Application which you have before you!

This Knowledge is given forth in a simple language that all may understand and apply it. 

Beloved Godfré repeatedly said: 

„Do not believe us – prove us!"

Those who do accept this Truth will find a new and powerful „Force“ entering their lives. 

Fundamental Lesson 2

p. 27

La Fundación Saint Germain es la organización principal de la Actividad religiosa “I AM”, con Templos y Santuarios “I AM” en todo el mundo. 

Está conformado por el Conjunto de Estudiantes “I AM”, el cual estudia y aplica esta Instrucción de los Maestros Ascendidos. 


Start your own Journey today with our Online Study Program

Study on your own or get support with our monthly Webinars and weekly „I AM“ Mini Classes and apply the Law together with other „I AM“ Students.

Get a first feel of the Ascended Master Instruction with our Starter-Webinar 

Let us guide you step by step on your Journey to become an „I AM“ Student. 

Join our monthly Webinars and weekly Online „I AM“ Mini-Classes

Let us guide you step by step on your Journey to become an „I AM“ Student. 


How did this Instruction come to the earth in 1932?

Beloved Lotus:
For more than thirty years, we both earnestly sought

for the Truth of Life, knowing that there must be some underlying Law, which if found, would give us the Freedom we craved. The answer to our quest came in 1930, right here in your own glorious America, on the side of Mount Shasta, when Saint Germain, Who is One of the Great Ascended Masters, came forth to Mr. Ballard and made it possible for him to have the transcendent illuminating experiences which Mr. Ballard has recorded in his book, UNVEILED MYSTERIES, written under the pen name of Godfre Ray King.

At the close of these experiences, Mr. Ballard returned

to our home in Chicago where further explanation of this Mighty

"Law of Life - -the ""Mighty I AM Presence"" - -was given to us by"

Saint Germain in person. In a series of seventy - three Discourses,

He dictated the Ascended Master Instruction on the use of the

"Great Creative Word ""I AM,"" and the ""Mighty I AM Presence"" which"


In 1932 Mr. and Mrs. Guy W. Ballard, two individuals from the United States, had several encounters with the Ascended Master Saint Germain, who is a Divine Being.

This opened the door for many Ascended Masters like Saint Germain to give Instructions that return mankind to the loving Laws of Life they once knew. Over 3.500 Dictations have been given through a Light and Sound Ray and have been documented. These Dictations are for all Seekers of the Light who want to learn about the Laws of Life from the Ascended Masters and how to free themselves and the world. 

What is the Destiny of this planet and mankind?

The earth and its humanity have entered a New Age. It is destined to become a Golden Age if mankind will return to the beneficent Laws of Life they once knew. 

"Peace to the Earth must become Eternal, for It is the Destiny of this Earth, the Destiny of this planet, the Destiny of this system, the Destiny of Life thruout Creation."

- Beloved Jesus

"The day has come when individuals, no matter in whatever avenue, must awaken and call to their Source of Life!"

- Beloved Jesus

"... and once again the Earth as a Blazing Sun moves forward and fulfills Its Destiny and brings Joy through that Light everywhere throughout Creation."

- Great Sanat Kumara

Why is the world in chaos?

Radio Broadcast 3: line 27

There is no such thing as coincidence anywhere in the Universe. Every activity has a cause. Therefore everything less than Perfection that takes place in our lives is  the outcome of our own actions. Everything in the Univers manifests by the release of energy, which is Life. If the individual wants his full, happy eternal release from all that has been binding him through the centuries, he must realize that he is the only cause of all that he experiences. Therefore, if he be disturb, he is his own disturbance, because he requalifies his Life energy with the feeling of disturbance. His feeling is his Life energy. His disturbing qualities are his own mental viewpoint and activity. The individual is always the only authority in his being and world. Every distressing condition everyone experiences, he either creates himself or permits to come into his consciousness or world and act there. 

"My Dear Ones, if you could see the chaos that is produced in the emotional bodies of the people of this Nation and the world through many channels of outer experience, you would not wonder that the world is in the chaos of today."

- Beloved Goddess of Liberty

How can I take control over my feeling world? 

Through Decreeing, giving the problem into the Hands of your "I AM" Presence, the continued use of the Violet Consuming Flame and not by giving the Problem all your Energy! 

Learn more in our webinar

What is the purpose of my embodiment?

Purify the energy you have misqualified in this and all past embodiments. The Ascension and to raise the earth. 

Bring Energy into Balance (Sanat Kumara)

What can I do to make a positive impact on what is happening in the world?

... Beloved Ones, understand that your Power, your Call to the "I AM" Light is stronger than a regiment of individuals who want to do wrong! Will you please bear that in mind? Your individual Call to the Powers of Light release a Power which is great than a regiment of humanity intent upon destruction. I want you to feel that, and know why your Decrees ...

- Mighty Victory (Fundamental Lesson 2, The call to the "I AM" Light)

 is stronger 

When you wish to have perfection in Life, you must turn your attention, your vision, any your qualification to where It is! Wouldn't you? If you did not, how would you expect to get it? 

Since there is only one place in this world where Perfection is, then if you give it your attention, you ought to have It! Since your "I AM" Presence", which is in your Heart is the only Source of Happiness, Perfection, and Supply in your world, you can have Perfection! It is possible to attain it! 

- Beloved Saint Germain (Fundamentals Series 2, Lesson 1, First Paragraph)

When you see a discordant thing in the outer world. (Textstelle suchen)


For yourself: 

Take responsibility for your thoughts, feelings and spoken word. They are the creator of the reality and we are all part of the energy that is in the atmosphere. The more Light, the more Awakening.

How can I change circumstances in my own world?

Anything your attention rests upon is your god for the moment, because through your attention you are pouring your Life - which is your energy - into it. For example: Suppose you want a good business.

First it must be constructive, that means in agreement with the Law of Life, which is God Good - Perfection.

Second, the Law of the "Mighty I AM Presence" says: "Call unto me!" First! Therefore, turn your attention to the "Mighty I AM Presence," still your feeling, which means hold your energy under your own control and keep it qualified with harmony, easy and peace. Say to your Presence:

"Mighty I AM Presence!" come forth you your full action through me and give me this perfect business through Divine Love. You hold control of all the energy and substance in my being and world! Produce your Perfection and hold your Dominion in me and everything concerning this! Bring it to pass with the speed of thought, through the Flame of Divine Love from your Heart."

Enjoy the fulfillment of this in completed accomplishment, especially in the feeling and exhilaration of joyously accepting it.

Then forget it in your intellect, until the next time you apply the Law. Give this call and accept its fulfillment in your feelings three tunes a day without fail.


Keep your feelings kind and joyous and you will have all your heart carves. 

- Radio Broadcast 2 (1937 -10)

Blau und Weiß Kopfhörer


15 Minute

Audio-Visualization to control your feelings

given by the Ascended Master Saint Germain

„Contemplation and adoration of the Light compels illumination to take place in the mind – health, strength, and order to come into the body – and peace, harmony, and success to manifest in the affairs of every individual who will really do it and seeks to maintain it.“ 
- Beloved Saint Germain