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Godfé meets the Ascended Master 
Saint Germain on the side of Mount Shasta

„It was through Saint Germain’s Assistance that I was privileged to have the experiences recorded in this Series of Books. A Way to make contact with the Light, Its All-Knowing Omnipresence, and Unerring Activity was revealed to me, and I give It to the reader in these pages.“
- Godfré Ray King, "I AM" Teachings, Saint Germain Foundation


"Those who do accept the Truth herein recorded will find a new and powerful Force entering their lives. Each copy carries with it this „Mighty Presence,“ It's Radiation and Sustaining Power. All who study these pages honestly, deeply, sincerely, and persistently, will know and make contact with the Reality of that Presence and Power.”
- Godfé Ray King

What is Harumanis Mango?

The Harumanis Mango is one of the best mango available in the world. They have a very strong and sweet aroma when ripen. Their soft orangy-yellowish flesh within are juicy, with fine fiber and has a distinct milky taste. The fruit has a vibrant yellow-green skin with large, light-yellow dots. The skin of the fruit is thick, and tough, protecting the soft flesh within.

Where are Harumanis Mangoes planted and grown?

They are only planted and grown in a small state in the Northern Tip of Malaysia called Perlis.

Why should I buy the Harumanis Mangoes from you?

We only source and sell Grade A Harumanis Mangoes which would have gone through a stringent quality control process. Our Harumanis Mangoes are properly graded, quality controlled, transported and delivered to our consumers in the best way possible.

Why are Harumanis Mangoes so expensive?

The planting, growing and caring of the Harumanis Mangoes are very difficult and costly. Harumanis Mangoes only bear flowers and fruits in ideal climate-soil regions with the suitable natural ecology which can only be found in Perlis. Harumanis Mango Trees will not bear fruit unless there is a continuous three-month period of a very hot and dry weather during the day and a cold, windy condition at night. Further, the amount of water in the soil must be balanced with suitable pH for good fruit growth, and the fruits must be wrapped. Harumanis Mangoes are being nurtured by growers who have generations of experience cultivating them.

Do you ship the Harumanis Mangoes overseas?

Unfortunately, we are unable to ship the Harumanis Mangoes overseas at the moment due to limited supply of the fruits. However, you may find them in your premium department stores during the season if you are lucky.

What if I want to order a larger size than what is available on your site?

If you would like to order a quantity that you do not see on our site, please send us an e-mail at to enquire about a special order.

What happens if the mango is bad on arrival? What happens if the box is damaged on arrival?

If all the mango arrived damaged and you are unable to consume them, we issue you a full refund for the product (less the shipping fee as the shipping fee is non-refundable). Inspite of all this, if the fruit turns out less than perfect or has issues inside which are not detectable from outside without cutting, we are unable to issue you a refund. We can assure you that we are trying our best to bring the best quality of the delicate Harumanis Mangoes to your doorstep.

Where do you ship the Harumanis Mangoes to?

We ship to all states in West Malaysia.

How will the Harumanis Mangoes be delivered to us? Is the delivery fee refundable?

The Harumanis Mangoes will be delivered to the address you gave us at the time of ordering. If an order has been delivered, the delivery fee cannot be refunded.


Find yourself entering a new world


That is not like reading human Words, of course they are words of your vocabulary else you could not understand them, but they are made to express these Mighty Laws in the simple childlike language everyone can understand.


I plead with you, cherish those Books as the most valuable things that ever came into your possession if you want to be free and study them every moment that you have.


There is nothing in the world that will bless you so greatly


You can‘t pick up one of those Books from Unveiled Mysteries on, and read a chapter that you do not receive a Blessing which cannot be obtained anywhere else in the world.

- BELOVED LOTUS, Memorium Album No. 9

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The Magic

Godfré’s remarkable Experiences with 
Saint Germain continue …

„… the second group of experiences which I was privileged to have, through the Love and Assistance of the Beloved Master Saint Germain. My experiences were the results of applying the knowledge Saint Germain had previously revealed in Unveiled Mysteries.“ 

“The purpose of this Book is to reveal to the individual the whereabouts of his own Divine Self, God, the "Mighty I AM Presence," that all who desire may return to their Source, receive their Eternal Inheritance, and feel once again their Divine Self Respect.”

“In the various Retreats of the Great White Brotherhood which we visited, I was  shown the Tremendous Work They do for mankind through Their Messengers who are sent into the outer world.“

„May the Great Love, Light and Happiness of the Ascended Masters flood the Being and world of everyone who reads this Book!“
- Godfré Ray King

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The „I AM“ Discourses

The Ascended Masters dictate over the Light and Sound Rays

The sound of Saint Germain’s Voice was physically audible to everyone in the room. At times, His Visible, Tangible Presence also stood within the room.

“The need of protection and help for the children of Earth is so great at the present hour that the Great Ascended Masters and Legion of Light have released this Inner Understanding of the "Mighty I AM Presence" into the outer Life of mankind.“

„All who want the Light and will make conscious effort to attain their own Freedom and Mastery may have the Assistance which will give them the Eternal Victory.“ 

“This Book not only carries the Ascended Masters’ Understanding of the "I AM," but is charged with Saint Germain’s Ascended Master Consciousness and the Ray of Light and Love from His Heart. . . .”

- Godfré Ray King

All options to get the Books


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  • Amazon
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